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Mom is safely ensconced in [insert name here when I remember it], a Skilled Nursing Facility in Kirkland.  I'm not sure if that should be capitalized, but it sounds like it whenever anyone says it.  Currently the plan is for Mom to move to Raleigh to live with rechercher & Corde.  Corde has training in geriatric care and is not currently working, so she'll be available full time.  Everyone seems okay with the plan.  Now we just have to figure out the logistics.  And the timeframe.

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I'd intended to make a triumphant post from my new, speedy home internet connection yesterday, but I couldn't get the wireless router to cooperate.  I need to fiddle with it some more tonight.

I'm leaving work early to tour a "trained nursing facility" (IIRC) with Joy that they want to transfer Mom to.  Crossroads Retirement Community has decided that she needs a higher level of care than she currently has, and while I agree with that, I'm less happy with their telling Joy in so many words that Mom can't come back to her room in the Independent Living section.  It's frustrating and stressful.

*goes back and reviews last post*  Oh, I guess I haven't mentioned it yet, Mom's in Overlake Hospital at the moment.  Apparently there was an incident where she was sleepwalking, or crawling at least.  While she was crawling around she hurt her knee, so they took her to Overlake to check it out.  While she was there, Joy called Crossroads about the possibility of moving Mom to the Assisted Living section, and it was at that point they told her that Mom couldn't come back. 

Joy and I keep telling each other it'll all work out.  And it will.  It will.

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Oh, I guess I should follow up on my post from the 3rd.  Joy was headed up to Canada for the weekend, and  was subjected to more intense scrutiny than usual at the border.  After being asked the same questions by three different people, she got fed up and said, "Forget it, I just want to go home."  She walked over to the US Customs station and waited for the next bus, which got her back to Seattle around 9ish, IIRC.

No matter how much stuff you have when you move, it always seems like you spend the first few weeks buying stuff.  Or acquiring stuff, at least.  Sunday we drove down to IKEA and picked up some organization/storage items, as well as a lamp and a coat tree.  Then last night I met Joy at the Verizon store and upgraded to a BlackBerry Storm, which is really cool!  But a little fiddly.  It's going to take some getting used to, but I think I'm really going to like it.

We came home to find more water on the floor in Joy's bathroom, so she put in another call to maintenance.  I really like the new place, but there's quite a bit that needs to be dealt with.  The dishwasher isn't secured, so we haven't used it yet, there's a couple of decorative pieces in the bathrooms missing that I couldn't care less about, and we still haven't gotten our mailbox keys yet.  I'm really getting annoyed about that.  We're coming up on two weeks of occupancy, if it isn't resolved soon I'm going to complain to the Postal Service.

But only one more day till internet!  :D


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In all fairness, I tried to do a phone post yesterday, but clearly it didn't work.  I have yet to successfully post from phone/text.  Grump.

Happy Perihelion!

Not a lot going on today.  Did some laundry, played on the computer.  Going to pick Joy up from the train station later, she's coming back early.  Don't have the full story, but it sounded like they wouldn't let her across the border.  More information as it comes in. 

Day 1/Day 2

Happy New Year!  And already I've made a mess of my only resolution.  Best of intentions, but when I got home last night I remembered that, oh yes, I still don't have internet at home.  (only 6 more days!) But someone told me that resolutions don't actually start until January 3rd anyway, so I'm filing that under Plausible and forging on anyway.

New Years Eve at MikeK's was fun.  We usually get off work a little early before a holiday, but what with all the time off from snow they didn't close the office till 5.  I'd intended to go home & change, but I decided to drive up right after work.  Since I was still in work clothes, and my jeans have been getting baggy anyway (yay!), I decided I'd stop at Casual XL and get a new pair.  I mention the name of the shop because I used Verizon Navigator on my phone to search for and navigate to their location, and it quickly and precisely directed me to a location that wasn't there anymore.  I used the mobile web to find their phone #, and got the address of another location that was on my way.  I got there at 6:01, just after they closed at 6 for NYE.

Being a card carrying Paranoid Driver, I checked the weather before leaving.  Dramatization follows:

Me: So, what's the weather going to be like in Seattle?
National Weather Service: Rain, rain, rain.
Me: What about Bellingham?
National Weather Service: Rain, rain, rain.
Me: So, no snow, then?
National Weather Service: Rain, rain, rain.  Would we lie to you?
*2  hours later*
Weather: Oh, I see that you've passed Everett. I guess that means it's time to SNOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!
Me: @#$&@!!
*later still*
Weather: OK, you're almost to Bellingham.  Time to switch back to rain!
National Weather Service: See?  We weren't lying!

I arrived at Mike's safely. I played ZenDo, followed by nickel-ante quarter-limit poker (I finished up $5.60, very unusual for me!), then went downstairs to watch the Space Needle get blown up.  Then Rock Band till 3AM.  Crashed on Mike's couch, slept well, but my back decided it was going to be cranky anyway.

Next day we went to Arlis's for breakfast, then back to Mike's for one last game of Munchkin Quest.  Four hours later, we finished and I went home. Much fun was had by all.

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Might as well start the posting resolution a little early.  At work, which is dead because of the snow.  Fair amount of calls earlier as people called in to say A) they couldn't make it to their assignment because of the snow, or B) they didn't need their temp today because they were closing their office due to the snow.  But those tapered off and now it's very quiet.

Moving to Redmond on Saturday.  Movers have been arranged, which will be interesting if there's still snow.  Better them than me, though.  I made the decision to hire movers after the fiasco of the last two moves.  Still need to do a lot of packing.

If they close the office early I may try to see a movie, if the theaters are open.