Once more, with feeling

One post every 10 years or so? Seems reasonable.

My main writing outlet is Twitter these days. There was a post asking what you were doing 20 years ago, and I immediately thought, "Livejournal!" Turns out I was wrong, my first LJ post wasn't until 2002. The perils of memory.

I used to write at work between calls until they blocked LJ as a non-approved site. Which may have been my fault. Someone was using their journal as a porn feed and I stupidly accessed the page. Backed out immediately, but my supervisor got a notice from IT that I'd accessed a flagged site, and after that LJ was behind the firewall.

I tried keeping up using email updates, but I couldn't read anyone else's journals, and eventually I stopped posting.

In 2011 I discovered that it wasn't blocked anymore. I had plans to start up again, but that didn't happen. Will I now? Who knows? I know myself well enough to avoid making promises that I may not keep. We will see.


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