Faintheart (faintheart) wrote,

So much for every day.  But I'm still going to keep trying.  That's the biggest lesson I've learned from trying to lose weight, is that if you're trying to do something on an ongoing basis that if you miss a day or whatever, you just have to pick up where you left off and keep going.  Or maybe I learned it from Joy first. Hmm.

The gap around the depression post make it seem worse than it really was.  There were a bunch of things up in the air at that point, and I couln't see where any of them were going to land well.  But things really did work out.  Mom is going back to Crossroads, of all places, after telling Diane (Mom's cousin), "We'd love to have Sarah back!"  Punctuated by the sounds of multiple jaws hitting the floor.  So she's moving to a room in the Assisted Living section (which isn't quite ready yet), and that gives Paul & Corde a little more breathing room to get prepared for her arrival.

The apartment's shaping up nicely.  We picked up some hanging storage units from IKEA that are really useful.  We're going to acquire Mom's couch when she switches rooms.  She's taking the piano and the recliner she sleeps in, we'll take back my dining table, the rest depends on how much room there is, I think.  Hmmm, this paragraph wasn't supposed to be about Mom.  Curse my inability to follow through on a topic sentence!

I may go see a movie after work.  Drove in because I thought my regular bus wasn't running due to the holiday, then I just checked it again and discovered that it was running normally. Oh, well.

Still not King.

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