Once more, with feeling

One post every 10 years or so? Seems reasonable.

My main writing outlet is Twitter these days. There was a post asking what you were doing 20 years ago, and I immediately thought, "Livejournal!" Turns out I was wrong, my first LJ post wasn't until 2002. The perils of memory.

I used to write at work between calls until they blocked LJ as a non-approved site. Which may have been my fault. Someone was using their journal as a porn feed and I stupidly accessed the page. Backed out immediately, but my supervisor got a notice from IT that I'd accessed a flagged site, and after that LJ was behind the firewall.

I tried keeping up using email updates, but I couldn't read anyone else's journals, and eventually I stopped posting.

In 2011 I discovered that it wasn't blocked anymore. I had plans to start up again, but that didn't happen. Will I now? Who knows? I know myself well enough to avoid making promises that I may not keep. We will see.


Hey, I managed to remember to log into Livejournal. It's been a while. Don't imagine I'm up to date or anything, though I did read a day or so's worth of friends' entries.

For the record:
Living in Greenlake (Seattle)
Joy's still my roommate
Still working at RHI (10 years in October)
2 cats, Lucy & Puc

Hopefully I'll start posting more often, though don't hold your breath. I won't make promises.

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No posts since March, no real posts since January. Lotta dust.

Lots of stuff's happened. Mom's in an Adult Family Home in Bellevue, not living with Paul & Corde in Raleigh. Joy & I are still living together in Bellevue.

It's hot, at the moment.

I lost about 50 pounds and am slowly gaining it back. Still working at RHI.

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Viciously stolen from adarascarlet 

Pick Your Artist:
They Might Be Giants

Are you male or female?
Mr. Me

Describe yourself:

How do you feel about yourself?
Don't Let's Start

Describe where you currently live:
Mainstream U.S.A.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Destination Moon

Your best friend is:
My Evil Twin

Your favorite color is:
Purple Toupee

You know that:
I Should Be Allowed to Think

What's the weather like?
When It Rains It Snows

If your life was a tv show, what would it be called?
Snail Shell

What is life to you?
Road Movie to Berlin

What is the best advice you have to give?
Turn Around

If you could change your name, what would it be?

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I've been considering purchasing a new game, but I'm having trouble deciding on one.

Fallout 3 ($50)
Left 4 Dead ($50)
Spore ($50)
Mass Effect (a bargain at $20!)
Grand Theft Auto IV ($50)
Save your money, don't get anything.
Splurge, get them all!
No, get (comment with the title) instead!
Oh, I was also considering Bioshock.

Babylon 5 pun

Delenn opened her door to find Captain Sheridan standing there.  "I got you something." he said, holding out a red heart-shaped box.

Delenn opened the box. "It's a fork."

Sheridan grinned.  "Not just any fork.  I gave this to Commander Sinclair to take back through time to the Minbari homeworld.  It's just been returned to me."

Delenn looked at it again, then back at Sheridan.  "I'm sorry, John.  I am still confused."

Sheridan threw his arms open and shouted, "Happy Valen tines!"

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So much for every day.  But I'm still going to keep trying.  That's the biggest lesson I've learned from trying to lose weight, is that if you're trying to do something on an ongoing basis that if you miss a day or whatever, you just have to pick up where you left off and keep going.  Or maybe I learned it from Joy first. Hmm.

The gap around the depression post make it seem worse than it really was.  There were a bunch of things up in the air at that point, and I couln't see where any of them were going to land well.  But things really did work out.  Mom is going back to Crossroads, of all places, after telling Diane (Mom's cousin), "We'd love to have Sarah back!"  Punctuated by the sounds of multiple jaws hitting the floor.  So she's moving to a room in the Assisted Living section (which isn't quite ready yet), and that gives Paul & Corde a little more breathing room to get prepared for her arrival.

The apartment's shaping up nicely.  We picked up some hanging storage units from IKEA that are really useful.  We're going to acquire Mom's couch when she switches rooms.  She's taking the piano and the recliner she sleeps in, we'll take back my dining table, the rest depends on how much room there is, I think.  Hmmm, this paragraph wasn't supposed to be about Mom.  Curse my inability to follow through on a topic sentence!

I may go see a movie after work.  Drove in because I thought my regular bus wasn't running due to the holiday, then I just checked it again and discovered that it was running normally. Oh, well.

Still not King.